Eastern Suburbs Triathlon Club


Chris Hanrahan – Performance by 3

Chris is a nationally accredited Level 2 coach who has a proven track record with athletes at all levels from professionals down to the person entering their first triathlon. He has been involved in endurance sport as a competitor and coach for over 12 years. During that time he has worked with some of the best coaches within Australia and recognises the importance of continual learning. Chris’ philosophy is that results come first and foremost from hard work, careful planning and commitment from all parties. Combine this with consistent feedback and technical advice and the results will simply follow. Whether you want to go to the world champs in Kona, or just complete your first sprint distance triathlon, the training principles are still the same.

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Gordon Campbell – Plus Performance

Gordo is a qualified Fitness and Triathlon coach who has for the last 10 years dedicated his career to helping people achieve their fitness and racing goals. Gordo has a broad knowledge of swim, bike and run disciplines and has coached hundreds of athletes for single and multisport events over a large variety of distances and races.  Gordo’s fitness background, coupled with an extensive racing history has given him comprehensive skills and experience that allow him to provide tailored solutions based on individual ability, goals and life factors.  Regardless of race type and ability, Gordo is passionate about helping all athletes achieve their goals.

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Zoë Little – 4 Seasons Swim

“I believe ocean swimming has the ability to combine fitness, adventure, challenge and social engagement in one great bundle of activity.” My first ocean swim was the Cole Classic at Bondi in 2001 and I have been an ocean swimming Coach since 2011.

To be an ocean swimmer you will need three things; endurance, skill and courage.

You can build endurance by swimming on a regular basis and adopting a healthy life style. You will need two kinds of skill; (1) swim technique and (2) ocean skills. These are skills you will learn from my experienced coaching and fellow swimmers. But courage will take weeks, months or years to build up. You need courage to swim out into the deep water, you need courage to charge out through the breaking surf and you need courage to appreciate the beauty of the marine environment, even when it stings you. Courage seems to come that bit quicker when you are with a coached group of like minded people.

I believe everyone has the ability to be an ocean swimmer.


Susan King – 4 Seasons Swim

“Swimming is an escape, the power of the water in the ocean and calmness of the pool has such an ability to wash away the worries of the day – it is great for personal wellbeing and fitness“

I came to Australia with very little experience in the ocean having grown up in country New Zealand learning to swim in a river. The skills that I have learnt from swimming in the ocean and attending pool sessions has opened up a whole new fitness regimen, I have also reduced the amount of injuries through a balanced cross training approach.

I am an avid believer in participating in training and events because it is fun! Training should be about having fun by learning new skills, spending time with likeminded people and participating in an event and exploring somewhere new. My coaching style provides that, I like to focus on skill acquisition in a fun and supportive manner and encouraging people to be the best that they can be and ensuring that they walk away from a training session knowing that they put the most into it that they can.

Come and swim with 4SEAsons swim and have some fun with me.